Botanical Garden at Phoenix

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Path through Phoenix Botanical Garden
Trails wind through the Botanical Garden lined with plants that grow naturally in the Sonora Desert.

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is an enormous collection of dry land and drought tolerant plants of the Sonora desert. Along the main circular trail, shown left, you will see a large variety of cactus and succulents plus native trees and shrubs that grow with almost no water at all.



map of deserts at Phoenix Botanical Garden
If you ever wondered how many deserts there are on this planet, the map at the Garden will show you.  Given the changes occurring in our climate, the area for deserts may well be expanding!


ramada built with natural materials

The Garden also includes several human dwellings, implements and outbuildings constructed of materials native to the Sonora desert.  The shade fence at the back of this ramada is made from dried Ocatillo cactus stems.


Obviously, cactus and succulents are at the front and center of the plant collection.  Not only does the garden have sizable number of each species and hybrid, but they are planted to show how a cactus garden can be beautiful–not bare.  The two below, one agave and one succulent, are examples of very beautiful dry land plants.
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Queen Victorias agave
Queen Victoria’s agave.
Succulent at Botanical Garden
Succulent at Botanical Garden


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