Japanese Garden Van Nuys Los Angeles

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japanese garden van nuys los angeles
This ‘house’ is a viewing platform in a very watery Japanese style garden.

The Japanese Garden in the Van Nuys neighborhood of Los Angeles is, surprisingly, adjacent to and part of the Tillman Water Reclamation project. Everywhere you turn in the 6.5 acre Japanese Garden, you will see water–in quiet pools, in slow-moving channels, in tumbling cascades.  All of it is recycled from nearby areas of the San Fernando Valley. Eventually this water goes into the Los Angeles River where it is especially important in providing water flow for kayakers during summer.

reflections at Japanese Garden Los AngelesReflections of the sky and the surrounding landscape were, obviously, considerations when this botanical garden was designed by noted garden designer Kiochi Kawana back in the early 1980s.

The garden’s Japanese name is Suiho-en which means “Garden of Water and Fragrance”.  And that water is enjoyed by birds–including egrets, herons and mallard ducks–as well as fish and other wildlife.

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wavy hedges at SuihoEn gardenThe influence of the water motif also appears in the undulating, wave-like hedges of fragrant Pittosporum which surround much of the garden.

Near the entrance to the Japanese Garden you will find a dry zen garden of raked rock and boulders.  Gazebos are sited throughout the landscape for visitors to stop, sheltered from the hot sun, and enjoy the tranquility of this little-known garden.

plum blossoms at Tillman in springIn early Spring the plum blossoms add color to the restrained and carefully manicured landscape.

You can also preview a small Japanese Garden at the Descanso Gardens in La Canada. 

To preview other Public Gardens in the West, go here

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