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     A Master Gardener's guide to gardening in a hot dry climate 
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Hot Gardens Newsletter Month-by-Month

January2004 - Australian plants
January 2005 - grasses, geraniums
January 2009 - Arlington Garden

February 2005 - non-toxic weed killers, Lilac vine

Spring 2004 - sweaty plants, Santa Barbara gardens
March 2005 - updating your patio
March 2006 - fragrant plants

April 2005 - aloes, acacias
April-May 2006 - cactus for security
Spring 2007 - summer color
Spring 2008 - cold weather palms
Spring 2011 - plants for humingbirds

May-June 2005 - white garden plants
May-June 2007 - growing roses

June 2003 - chaste tree, screwdriver test
June 2004 - anasazis, palms, cactus
Summer 2006 - replace lawn, bamboo
June 2011 - replace lawn

July 2003 - waterless fountain
July 2004 - reliable summer flowers
July 2005 - polymers and pots
Summer 2009 - pots, espaliered apples
Summer 2010 - capturing rainwater

August 2003 - fertilizing in summer
August 2004 - Mexican bird of paradise
August 2005 - topiary

September 2003 - best planting time, fruit trees
September 2004 - edible garden
September 2005 - luminaria
Fall 2006 - large trees
Fall 2007 - chitalpa, yellowing leaves
Fall 2008 - frugal gardening
Fall 2009 - crape myrtle

October 2003 - dead grass, salvia
October 2004 - amendments, red rocks
October 2005 - ground covers

November 2003 - fast growing trees, iris
November 2004 - south african bulbs
November-December 2006 - chlorosis

December 2004 - winter color
Winter 2006 - plant one tree
Winter 2007 - frozen palms, frozen succulents
Winter 2008 - aloes for wildfire protection

More gardening news for you
fan tex ash rio grande yellow garden wall santa barbara mission rose garden
For a burst of color in fall 
plant a Fan Tex ash Rio Grande. 
Other trees are here.
Your garden walls don't have to
be dull.  We have ideas to
make them things of beauty!
Preview the many gardens
of Santa Barbara including
the Mission Rose Garden.

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Our 8 Most Popular Hot Gardens Newsletters:  

Mixed lantana Flowering plants that reliably bloom in scorching mid-summer heat. Australian acacia shrub. Australian plants and trees that grow well in hot, dry climates
Mediterranean fan palm Weather-proofing palms for winter; cold weather palm trees. White roses for night garden A white garden for night time viewing.
Trimmed myrtle and boxwood Topiary can be easy to create and add charm to your garden. Geranium in pot on patio Techniques to combat death by heat exhaustion of plants in pots.
Octopus cactus Cactus as security barriers for your property. Aloe in bloom South African aloes for brilliant late winter color in your garden.
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