Arlington Garden in Pasadena

The inviting Arlington Garden tucked away in Pasadena

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Arlington Garden fountain hot gardens
At one entry to the Arlington Garden there used to be a solar powered fountain. Now, because of  heightened restrictions, water no longer flows from it. Today flowers cascade over the edges. Behind the fountain is a garden inspired by gardens in southern France and Italy.

Arlington Garden in Pasadena came into being as a group effort, using private resources to transform a neglected vacant lot into an inspiring public garden.  The idea for this water-wise garden initially came from two nearby condo dwellers who grew exasperated at looking at a weed-filled 3 acre lot at Pasadena Ave. and Arlington St.  They took their garden idea to the powers-that-be in Pasadena which leased the land from CalTrans, the property owner.

Famous garden designer Mayita Dinos drew up a proposal that incorporated several gardens on this single site: a Mediterranean garden, a California wildflower meadow, a citrus orchard, and oak grove plus a very small cactus/succulent garden. The Mediterranean garden with its olive trees and bocce ball court is clearly the most developed. (Sadly, the bocce court seems to have been removed recently.)

A few old palms, an oak and a jacaranda tree were already on the site, remnants of the garden for the Durand estate, which was located on this land and demolished decades ago. All the additional plants now on the site today were purchased and installed privately. Much of the maintenance of Arlington Gardens is done by volunteers.

Arlington Garden artichoke hot gardensAmong the surprises in Arlington Garden are the artichokes which not only make an unexpectedly bold statement in a flower garden border, but produce a very tasty vegetable, too. The orange grove also produces oranges that are turned into orange marmalade and sold to raise funds.

Adirondack chairs are placed here and there around the terrace which overlooks the California Orange Grove and Wildflower Meadow areas of Arlington Garden.  Arlington Garden terrace chairs hot gardensThroughout the garden there are other seating areas and tables in shady nooks. Perfect for reading or having a quiet lunch with a friend or two.

Red poppies as well as brilliant orange California poppies and other native plants bloom in the Wildflower Meadow section of Arlington Garden.

There is no admission fee to visit this public garden.

Arlington GArden red poppies hot garden



 To preview other Public Gardens in the West, go here

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