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San Fernando Mission and Bob Hope garden

San Fernando Mission chuch  

I'm going to start with full disclosure:  the Mission San Fernando in Los Angeles doesn't have much in the way of interesting gardens--except for a recent addition: the Bob Hope Memorial Garden.   Mostly it is green lawn surrounded by trees.  It does have, however, two very interesting museums. 

The Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana has been restored--essentially rebuilt--from the ground up more than once.  Founded in 1797, it was expropriated by the Mexican government in 1834 and subsequently fell into ruin. 

San Fernando Mission in ruins A photograph of the Mission San Fernando in the late 1800s.  Its condition became much worse when the tiles were removed from the roof.

Finally in the early 20th Century, the Mission was rebuilt and became one of several sub-headquarters for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  Then in 1971, an earthquake damaged the Mission buildings severely and once again they were rebuilt. 

Bob Hope Memorial Garden at San Fernando Mission Behind the Mission church you will come to the Bob Hope Memorial garden.  It is lovely and serene--a very contemporary garden.  Both Bob Hope and his wife are interred here.  The old Mission Cemetery is behind it.

San Fernando Mission church interior The interior is clearly much grander than the San Gabriel Mission.  No green stained glass windows here, however.

Franciscan monk robes in 1700s.

There are a series of museum rooms as you walk back from the gift shop entry toward the church.  In one is a case showing the clothing worn by the Franciscan monks at the time the Mission was founded.  In another room you will find a display of Bob Hope memorabilia.  In yet another room, a loom like the ones actually used in the Mission.

historic bedroom San Fernando Mission museum

And those rooms are just the beginning.  Even more interesting are the many displays in the Convent Building that give an impression of what life was like in the early 1800s in California. 

To see more of what is on display in the Covento museum, go here.

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