Visiting the Dominican Republic

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Beach and cabanas near Puerto Plata Dominican Republic
A warm November day in the Dominican Republic  with the temperature in the low 80s.

A two hour flight from Miami takes you to the Puerto Plata International Airport in the north coast of the Dominican Republic (DR) on the largest island in the Antilles.

The town of Puerto Plata is the center of a resort area, which for decades has been frequented by European tourists.  There is also a large permanent German-speaking population as well as a French-speaking community along this stretch of the Atlantic coast of the DR.  Most of the people, however, speak Spanish. In recent years more American tourists have begun to visit here. A growing number of retirees are relocating to the Dominican Republic because of the low cost of living and close proximity to the U.S.

Dominican green housesLuxury resorts, including many villas and time-share condos, are scattered along the beaches in this family friendly area. These charming villas are located in the Crown Villas  all-inclusive resort.The resorts are low-rise and not as dense as, for example, Cancun. The atmosphere is very laid back–except for the drivers who whiz around like maniacs on scooters and small cars. Apparently traffic lanes are only suggestions!

Cabanas on beach Dominican RepublicThe early morning sky may be gray above the cabanas lining the beach, but the temperature on this late November day was comfortable, in the low 80s.  In the distance is Ocean World, a theme park/aquarium.  For the adults there is a casino nearby.

A stroll along the beach turns up a shop with paintings by locals as well as sarongs and souvenirs.Beachfront shop near Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

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